Today’s world is often a blur of appointments and responsibilities, with each of us rushing from one daily activity to another.

We at Deep and True have seen the problems of a fast-paced urban
lifestyle, and realize that in our hectic schedules, we all must find time
to take care of ourselves. While thinking about personal health and
diet, it came to us that skin care deserves the same attention as the type
and quality of food we put into our bodies. Highly processed foods lack
in nutritional value and if consumed over long periods of time, can
cause damage to one’s overall health. The same is true for skincare.
Using harsh creams may offer short-term results but will eventually
cause harm to the health of the skin.

We take a more holistic outlook towards well-being, and came up with
the idea to create high grade skincare products from natural organic
ingredients which are produced in controlled batches. We believe that
the skin deserves just as much care and attention as everything else in
the rest of our lives.

Absolute organic facial moisturizer
Intensive natural skin rejuvenating serum

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